Fleet Management System
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Обновлён функционал фильтра Штрафов.

464 536  Файлов
32 339  Автомобилей
39 6628  Водителей
323 523  Путевых листов

Обновлён функционал фильтра «Окончание ВУ» раздела Персонал.
Теперь красным подсвечиваются просроченные ВУ (у водителей которые не Уволены и не в Декрете),
а бледнорозовым подсвечиваются ВУ, которые заканчиваются в течении 30 дней от текущей даты.

Интеграция с Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO

Тестирование импорта штрафов из базы данных Федерального Казначейства России

103 528  Файлов
22 602  Автомобилей
27 6218  Водителей
185 309  Путевых листов

88 559  Файлов
21 378  Автомобилей
24 738  Водителей
163 429  Путевых листов

 E-mail: info@fleet-web.com
 Phone: :+7 499 213-0438
Fleet-Web Management: Multilanguage Fleet Management System.
Main components:
  • Vehicle, drivers and suppliers database management
  • Centralized vehicle and drivers database management
  • Vehicle history (event/mileage)
  • Payment history with suppliers
  • Analysis of your fleet's operating costs with a breakdown by vehicles, departments, divisions and regions
  • Accounting for lubricants, spare parts, current expenses, taxes and insurances
  • Accounting for fuel by cards, tokens and cash
  • Generation of reports on fuel consumption for the accounting office
  • Accounting for the balance of fuel in the fuel tank
  • Analysis of fuel consumption as compared to the standards for each vehicle, make and model
  • Accounting for repairs with a breakdown by types of work
  • Accounting for tire operations
  • Purchase planning
  • History of traffic accidents with classification and comments
  • Accounting for insurance costs; system reminders on the insurance expiry
  • Leasing expenses
  • Accounting for all expenses and events; forming the schedule of technical services and annual technical services
  • Generation of a schedule of technical services and annual technical services
  • System reminders of forthcoming technical services
  • Fast and high-volume issuing of powers of attorney and waybills
  • Automated fuel report
  • Import of fuel cards, generation of reports with any types of filtering. Reports can be filtered in accordance with your company’s structure by specific vehicles, drivers, etc., and exported to XLS or PDF documents
  • System of alerts about expiry of insurance, MTPL, guarantee, leasing. etc.
  • about due dates of technical services and annual technical services
  • about outstanding invoices
  • about expiry of driving licenses, medical certificates and powers of attorney
  • System interface can be made in any language
  • Languages can be switched without exiting the system
  • Currency set supplied with the distribution package includes Russian Roubles and US Dollars.
  • MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL Linux and Windows database application technologies
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